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Mobile Traffic Statistics Comparison 2013

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iOS Devices still account for 60% of mobile browsing into 2013!

Looking for a Comparison for Mobile Traffic and device Statistics? If you are wondering how and What Mobile Devices are being used and are still confused about which devices are most popular or who is winning the mobile race we have put together some insights for you here at MocialSedia to try and add some reality to what devices consumers are actually using to surf the web on the move.

Mobile Traffic Statistics Comparison 2013 - Site C

Mobile Statistics from Google Analytics

The screen shots on this page have been taken from 4 websites operating in entirely different market sectors, none of the sites featured had a specific mobile site (although they are now considering one!) so these are true visits from random consumers landing on the “Full Fat” Desktop webpage.

Does it Matter which Smartphone is on top?

There is all sorts of Mobile Traffic Statistics relating to which Smart-Phones are winning the sales war and which have the best offering and greatest customer satisfaction however what really matters to business owners investing in Mobile Websites is to know which devices their audience are actually using to view their website on-line!

Mobile Traffic Statistics Comparison 2013 - Site D

Why would I want to know!

Why? Well if you are about to go from “Full Fat” to “Skinny” I.E. developing a mobile version of your website it is always good to know what devices are being used by your consumers… Another Why? Consider the differences between devices and the enhancements you can make on your site for certain mobile devices and operating systems, this may lead you to spending a little more time tailoring your site for your audience to ensure you get that vital conversion to a sale. It may also mean you spend much less on development than you may have needed to.

Creating a Mobile App?

Moving on from a Mobile Website you may be tempted to create a dedicated mobile app for your consumers to download and install to their devices… Imagine you own a device which is somewhat unpopular in the market you are targeting however you have used it for years without fail and favour the device, you are unaware of the statistics so you go ahead and develop an app for the device you favour best. You spend your hard earned cash and valuable time in bringing the mobile app to market and then sit scratching your head wondering why only 10% of your mobile consumers have utilized the application. Then you find out you need to spend the same amount again developing the app for the mobile device which is most popular for your market but realize the budget is just not there so all that time, money and effort was wasted because you thought the device was popular! It can be a big step jumping from mobile website to dedicated app and often one which is not required for many markets and websites, however if you are going to market your business with apps make sure you choose the most popular devices first where you will make greater conversions and generate more custom then you can add the smaller markets as your business profits and grows from the initial investment.

Mobile Traffic Statistics Comparison 2013 - Site A

Know your audience and Target Age Group!

This may sound daft however far too many business owners do not consider their consumers and focus on what they want not what their business actually Needs! Knowing who your audience is and more specifically what age group they fall into can make a huge impact on which device you target and how you interact and communicate to that audience of potential consumers. A younger audience may have lower budgets and therefore own and operate on the predominantly cheaper end of the Smart-Phone market where consumers in the mid range may be using more expensive devices whilst the elder generation may be on more traditional smartphone devices which have less functionality.

Take the “ME” out of the decision!

Whenever you create, design or embark on a project always take yourself out of the equation. Too many marketers and business owners make decisions based on  ”what they would like to see” not what their consumers “want to see” or hear and this type of arrogant “I know best” attitude to your consumers will too often result in the incorrect decision being made and monies lost. It takes very little time to survey people, you can even do it while walking the dog or shopping at the supermarket, just give people you meet a 30 second synopsis of your ideas and business and gauge the reaction it might save you a lot of wasted time and money in the long run.

Mobile Traffic Statistics Comparison 2013 - Site B

Remove the guesswork.

The easiest way to decide is to check your Google Analytics regularly and see what the trend is for your site over the course of time. If you already have Google Anylitics installed then you are in a great position to look back at your historical data over the previous weeks or months and make an informed decision on what platform you develop next, the findings may surprize you!


Mobile Traffic Results :

From the 4 sample sites we used here which covered varied markets appealing to all age groups you can see a massive trend still with Apple and iOS devices. Although reports are saying that the Android market is gathering greater pace and consumers of the Android are reporting greater confidence in the product they are still not great hitters when it comes to mobile browsing. Windows Mobile the statistics are still to be seen, with Windows 8 (often considered Windows “Too Late!”) coming to mainstream devices in 2012 it will be interesting to see who loses and gains the market share. Will Apple consumer move to Windows powered devices or will consumers from Android move to a more familiar platform to their desktop computers… We will have to wait and see however if you do not want to see a “Blue Screen of Death” on your mobile I think I know where my money is!

Device of choice for Schools and Education.

Given the popularity and convenience of Apple and iOS devices as well as the move towards making them the “device of choice” in a large number of schools, children’s  nursery’s and many language learning classrooms across the globe developing for the iOS devices first while keeping away from flash to move to HTML5 and making your sites more cross-client/device compatible is a step in the right direction and may well be a wise move for any sensible business or website owner. It stands to reason that as children are brought up in environments more heavily utilizing Apple and iOS devices they will continue to seek the ease and familiarity of the iOS  environment. The choice for schools to use iOS devices is understandable with the almost bullet proof operating system which remains stable and performing well no matter what is installed it takes the IT support nightmare out of the equation for these establishments.

Below is the color key for the statistics above, pretty much anything else not listed is an Android of some type.

Mobile Statistics Key Chart

Everything else is Android of some description.

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