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Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.

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HELP WordPress Crashed!

If you are upgrading your WordPress and see the message “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.” for a long period of time and you have now begun to PANIC…. DON’T.

Do not touch a thing! Let go of the mouse and step away from the keyboard! WordPress will eventually time-out the upgrade and return back to a fully working state.

So before you read the hundreds of pages of advise telling you to delete files and rename folders and all manner of other things which WILL destroy your Blog or WordPress Website sit back.. Relax and go have a Coffee Safe in knowledge your WordPress will return in under an hour to a fully working site as it was before you started.

Cup of Coffee

Ahhh, that’s better! Now what should we do to make sure we do not have a heart attack next time this happens! First on your list is to install a good backup and restore system which is simple and easy for you to use. We recommend the FREE Duplicator Plugin for WordPress  It is a fantastic piece of software which does not only allow you to perform perfect backup’s of your software it also enables you to move your entire site to a new host or even new domain with the greatest of ease.

You can also use this to template your WordPress installs so if you are always using the same settings and setting up your WordPress securely with all your usual plugin’s you can use this system to package your install to roll out whenever you need it in the future.

Put simply this makes your Backups easy and your upgrades worry free.

For more tips on Installing and Securing WordPress and creating multiple WordPress Installations click here to see our other WordPress Guides.



Customising WordPress Dashboard for your clients

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Make it simple and reduce your support calls.

Wordpress is a magnificent system to use for websites and supplying a full CMS (Content Management System) to your clients for free. WordPress is jam packed full of functionality and enables you to offer very complex solutions to clients and implement these almost instantly because of the massive amount of Plugins available many of which are completely free of charge.


This is great! I hear you cry so off you go thinking this is the simplest system in the world and your client will be chuffed to bits that they are able to edit and control the content of their website without calling you every-time they need a word changed or news article added….. Well your thought is 100% correct however clients and “end users” are notoriously bad at following instructions and so easily distracted you would not believe….

Before you know it they are back on the phone calling you up for hand holding and re-training on how to use it and where to go to edit and post.

Hold on! I hear you say…. “I can charge them for the help what’s wrong with that…?” Well while this is great when you only have half a dozen clients you find after time the fee’s you can charge are less and less worthy of your time spent and clients are reluctant to pay when they are calling up for what they consider to be just a reminder on how to use a free product.

Do not get drawn into devaluing your knowledge and time…you could be earning 10x what a client will pay you in the time it takes to show them round their blog posts again….

To overcome this problem we have provided this quick video tutorial to explain how to simplify the WordPress Dashboard to ensure clients only get what they need to and do not get confused or distracted by the standard WordPress menus and options.